IMG_0948I am a full time lecturer and clinician. However, I also think of myself as a full time student of wood working doing a part time job to pay the bills along the way. I grew up around craft in the Irish countryside – woodwork and basket weaving. Some of my earliest memories involve hammering, sawing, and playing with knives. For the last 6 years in particular though I have been discovering various woodworking methods that I have become obsessed with and want to spend the foreseeable future exploring, studying, and refining. It started with basket weaving, carrying on naturally what I have learnt from my mother, developed into pole lathe bowl turning (and some wooden spoons along the way), and now includes green wood joinery (mainly boxes and chests).

As I said above I see myself as a student of these topics and am now keen to share things I learn and find along the way. I live in South Wales, where I have a tiny workshop, but also do a lot of woodwork back home in Ireland. This blog is my way of reaching out as I enjoy the meandering pursuit of whatever form of woodworking takes my fancy. Along the way I look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest and will sell bits and pieces as I go.

Feel free to comment or email: thrownandriven@gmail.com

One thought on “About

  1. Hi ter, Uncle Ter here and I am so glad you’ve started this blog. I think becoming a writer might be your next pursuit…I am so jealous, no envious of how you manage to make such creative use of your hands and artistic genes.
    I think I should go to my shed now and look for some there – they must be there somewhere!!
    Good luck with the blog – I never participated in one before, but I look forward to visiting yours every day
    Uncle Ter

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