Strapwork day 2

Against the odds I managed to get in the shed for a second day in a row today and advance on the carving from the practice runs yesterday. This time I was working on the front board of a big box and it is the very last bit of oak I have left until I buy another tree. So I was twoing and froing lots before finally striking some chisels into it today.

I was able to adapt the practice carvings from yesterday directly onto the board, using them as a reference as I went. Here are a series of photo’s showing how the layout advanced. After initially being terrified of making a mistake and going very slowly, I started to get a feel for the repetition in the pattern and it flowed smoothly. I can imagine back in the day these were made at high speed.

After everything is struck out with the chisels the last task is to remove all the background. That is when the whole pattern comes alive. It is ridiculous it has taken me a year since going on the course with Peter Follansbee to do this but better late than never. I am massively indebted to him for the way he has made this woodwork accessible to amateurs like me.



One thought on “Strapwork day 2

  1. Great to see new woodwork activity Ter. I love the carved oak stuff for several reasons – including the fact that its like a time machine – new oak (ok – so it is from an old tree) – modern chisels – modern man – made today – yet the box is a tangible authentic link to the past ! Keep that time machine running………


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