More flask details

A quick update on another style of flask I’ve been making, this one much more closely replicating the style of the Romanian turner filmed by Stuart King:

These two photo’s show the overall shape being turned on the first axis, then the mandrel being sawn off. It is then repositioned perpendicular to the face of the flask where the opening for hollowing is located.


Turning on the second axis mainly concerns the hollowing, this flask is a smaller diameter but much deeper form than the last one I made.

You can see exactly where the wood for the flask came from below. It is sitting on top of the 1/16th section of the oak log it came from. It’s a tight fit to make the most of the wood. The back of this flask will have a facet left from the original surface of the split wedge of oak, the marks from the mandrel tangs will get carved away.

Seeing this picture of a window in Reginald’s Tower makes me wonder how many medieval travellers passed through Waterford with a wooden flask at their side? I wonder did one of the many pole lathe turners Waterford had in its past ever make flasks?

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